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Restaurant Emiliano: Italy Revisited

When I was on holiday in Brazil a month ago, I got to know the restaurant of Hotel Emiliano, at Oscar Freire street, in « Sampa ». It has been a long time since I wanted to visit the place and test the kitchen’s new chef, Andrea Montella, in office since January. From Milan, he bets on Italian cuisine with contemporary revisited classics like Agnoloti Dal Plin with butter sauce and salvia and Spaghetti Carbonara with seafood. The hotel, for those who know, it’s modern, clean, and the restaurant, with a vegetal wall, has high ceilings and tables with intimate lighting for dinner, which already pleases right away. Good service, discreet, perhaps a little too present, what bothers in the end. To start, complimentary champagne glasses, I like it, very cool! With starters to track like confit onions, salted butter and burrata in olive oil with delicious breads. Suddenly arrives on my table a novelty from the chef, a Terrine of foie gras with mango sauce, very good, I liked the mix. I asked the delicious Fresh …


Salut todo mundo, A ideia de montar esse blog começou com a vontade de escrever sobre as tendências de moda, beleza, comportamento, cultura & afins que vejo pelo mundo. De volta a Paris (já morei em São Paulo, Paris e Berlim), aqui é impossível ficar impassível diante de tudo o que rola, né? Espero que gostem, entrem et faites comme chez vous. Des bisous, Cibele