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A gourmet Italian night at Caffé Artcurial

I love testing restaurants with friends, there is always a lot of talk, exchanging ideas on food and drinks (and sometimes even on waiters!), desserts, décor, we talk and enjoy it all. The last testing was the Caffé Artcurial – inside Artcurial’s, traditional gallery and auction room in Paris, located in the Golden Triangle of Champs Elysées with Avenue Montaigne, with my beloved fellows Luciana and Caroline. The caffé, which follows the Italian line – cicchetti, antipasti, first course, second course – has just launched a brand new spring menu, which is just so good!   We started with the famous aperitif, with the options spritz or champagne, and guess what was our choice? Very divided! Two champagnes and one spritz for Carol, cos’ she was a little bick sick…Well, going back to the point, we’ve had also: bufallo muzzarella, charcuteries, salami, cerise tomatoes. To celebrate the lauching of the new menu, the journalists had the opportunity to taste a Sassontino 2014, simplement une tuerie, as we say in french! As a follow up, bouchées à la …

Recipe: Tagliatelle with truffles

How about a simple recipe of Tagliatelle with truffles for next weekend? This recipe uses Brisures de truffes noires (black truffles pieces) from Artisan de La Truffe and is really delicious! Ingredients for 4 persons 30g of black Brisures de truffes noires Artisan de la truffe 400g of fresh tagliatelle 40cl of liquid cream 40g of Parmesan with truffles zests Salt and black pepper                                                                                                                                                         Recipe 1. In a small saucepan, bring the cream to a boil. 2. Add the brisures and black pepper and mix it.     3. Reduce the heat and add the Parmesan with truffles zests. 4. At last, add …

Ladurée Christmas collection: yummy Jeeeze!

I’ve tasted some of the new patisseries of Ladurée for Christmas yesterday and it just goes Oh! Starting with my fav’, the Blanc comme neige bûchette, which is just so delicate and fine: it has a sweet pastry, vanilla and pecans biscuit soaked in mandarin syrup, Tahitian vanilla cream, pecans and candied mandarin, light mousse and meringue wih mandarin zests. Just delicious! The second one, the Marie-Antoinette bûchette Rose Framboise, well you must love roses to appreciate that (which is my cas btw), but it is also very fine and delicate pastry. Formed with macaron biscuit, rose cream, raspberry jam, lychees and raspberries it is a red fruit-rose festival for papilla. And the last but not the least: the famous macarons. They come in this lovely box with pierrot motifs that you can keep after Holidays cos it is just a petit bijoux! Shop Ladurée Christmas specialities here!