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Contest! Champagne Ataïr & Blog da Cibele

Because Christmas is coming and we want (and we need desperately, right?) to celebrate love, I’ve decided to give a gift to my dear readers: a bottle of Champagne Ataïr. So? Are you excited? A little history about the brand: Ataïr is a brand new champagne label and it is pure celebration of love. An ancient Chinese legend is the origin of Valentine’s Day as we know it today. According to it, the star Ataïr would fell in love with the young fairy Vega when she was bathing with her sisters in a lake. Asking in marriage the young fairy, Ataïr proves to be a loving husband and Vega a wonderful wife. But discovering a mere mortal married a fairy, the goddess of heaven separates the young lovers forever, drawing a wide river in the sky, forming the Milky Way. Once a year all the magpies in the world form a bridge over the river, allowing the eternal lovers find themselves during the night. This story of this eternal love inspired the history of Champagne Ataïr. A champagne that …


Salut todo mundo, A ideia de montar esse blog começou com a vontade de escrever sobre as tendências de moda, beleza, comportamento, cultura & afins que vejo pelo mundo. De volta a Paris (já morei em São Paulo, Paris e Berlim), aqui é impossível ficar impassível diante de tudo o que rola, né? Espero que gostem, entrem et faites comme chez vous. Des bisous, Cibele