Run&Co: the first running fitness box

Good news in the boxes world: Run & Co, the first fitness and wellness box subscription. The concept is simple: to discover each month a selection of innovative products in the world of running, fitness and wellness as well as tips and expert advices. The price? 24,90 euros per month.

This month we’ve got cool products: Be-kind protein & gluten free bars; Tingerlaat protection against cold and  sun (made în France!); Proviz reflective armband, that allows you to be visible and carry your smartphone, credit card or keys and a LED flash that you can hang in your shoes for running on safe handling.

Moreover, more gifts: -15% discount on Mybiody Balance, a machine which allows you to instantly analyze the health of our body, and Fitnext, a sports and nutrition coaching method created by Erwann Menthéour, for 1 euro only the first month. And it is not over: we find also healthy recipes as cake of raspberries and bitter chocolate. So, what are you waiting for? RUN!