Rituals: inspired by hapiness of small things

Have you ever heard about the dutch beauty label Rituals? It is all about the ideia that happiness is made of small things. The ideia of transform our everyday routine into moments of pure pleasure through beauty products. Can you imagine life enjoying a scented hot bath, a special cup of tea or doing the dishes with more pleasure? That’s it, making ourselves more beautiful is also a good moment, not an obligation.

What is cool about that label is that their collections are inspired by Eastern traditions: each ancestral wisdom is combined with selected ingredients that offer their own benefits. They associate these ancestral knowledge to innovative technologies to create a unique way to enjoy the benefits of these traditions. That allow us, for example, to recreate a real steam in our bathroom, to balance our yin and yang energies with our Tao range and immerse ourselves in the Ayurvedic philosophy with teas, body scrubs and aromatic oils.

Important details: their products are never tested on animals (they are tested by volunteers), their packaging are made from wood from sustainable resources, paper and cardboard are certified FSC as well as the glass, to the extent possible.

Curious? In France, they are sold exclusively by Sephora.