Pop my day: beauty on demand

What about getting make up, manicure, hairdressing services at your place, at the time you want? Now this is possible if you live in Paris, and I’ve tried it!

The secret of this magic is an app named Pop My Day, and you can choose among all these beauty services (the prices are maybe 10 euros expensiver than if you go to a beauty centre) and the time you want the professional come in. I’ve chosen the « fashion make up » (so I could show you a little tutorial!). You register you credit card, pay and ops it is done! After that you get a confirmation of your buy with the name of the professional that will pop up at your place.

The name of my beauty artist was Eden Tonda and she has done already Vogue, GQ, Paulette editorials. A young and friendly girl who came up at 11h at my door. After talking a little bit, we’ve decided to do a brown smoky eye (that’s the story of my life actually!) and nude lips (normally I’do red lips, but I’ve chosen to try something different!). So let’s go?

The beauty artist Eden Tonda / Photo: Cibele Maciet

1st step: Foundation

Eden has started (in this order) applying a soft moisturising (I’ve just had my shower, so I did not put some daily cream on purpose), the foundation (applied with a brush), a camouflage cream for dark circles, an iluminizer (applied just down between eyes and cheeks) and a eyebrow corrector. For finishing, a mineral powder, always applied with a special brush.

1st step: a pale situation, a good foundation is what I need! / Photo: Eden Tonda

2nd step: Smoky eyes!

Eden has started with a pearl-like eye shadow, and then applied some light brown eye shadow over it. A black eyeliner for highlight the look, and a black mascara to give THAT effect.

Brown smoky is my fav!/ Photo: Eden Tonda

3rd step: Nude lips

So, now it is time to blush! She has choosen a beautiful color, almost peach-like, and then a nude tone to my lips (I must confess I’m not a huge fan of light colors – to lips and nails), but with a smoky eye, maybe it is better).

So, hot or not?

So, do you speak make up? / Photo/ Eden Tonda


Eden’s beauty arsenal / Photo: Cibele Maciet


I need to say that I think this app is a good alternative to several situations: let’s say you are in a hurry to have a beauty flash minute (they do all in 40-45 min!), or let’s say you’ve just had a baby and you cannot go out to do your beauty sessions. Or maybe you need a flash beauty minute at office? Or late at night? I recommend it after all.

Go take a look: https://www.popmyday.com/