Niche parfums: Le Labo and its magical laboratory

Who know a little bit about niche parfums? I’ve known more about them when I’ve started to write articles about the subject to Brazilian magazines (yes, you know I am a journo, right?)

And then, I felt in love with these rare fragrances (called also exclusive, confidential, etc). But what is that exactly? Niche parfums are made by perfumers who have much more liberty than the ones who elaborate best sellers fragrances, with a free choice of nobles and quality notes. That’s why exclusive fragrances can be very different and exotic, far from sweet and flowered ones we know in the market.

Le Labo is a good example of niche brand: they have a laboratory inside their shops so you can mix ingredients as you wish, making your own personal scent. They have this apothecary style and you feel like you were a true druggist choosing your medicines.

The Labo apothecary-like shop in the Marais / Photo: Cibele Maciet

My favorite ones? Vanilla and Bergamot scents, I can wear them everyday without being nauseate (which can happen with other parfums). They have candles, shower gel, bar soaps, body lotions also, a true addiction to me 🙂

Le Labo shop in the Marais/ Photo: Cibele Maciet


Good new? They deliver all over the world!


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