A healthy night in Biotherm’s company

I am proud to say that one of the first creams I started using in my life was from Biotherm. I loved its consistency from the start, the smell and the sea maritime concept won me over early. This week I went to know some of its brand releases and I was blown away by the preoccupation that they have to always offer the best technology and discoveries in cosmetology in its beauty products. The launch of these products and the concept of Biotherm talk are inspired by a modern and connected woman that leads a healthy and fit way of life, so the hashtag of the night was #livemore.

So nothing more appropriate than the yoga master Amanda Bisk herself, a super positive woman with a body of goddess! She gave us the pleasure of a free yoga class at the end of the event. What an incredible opportunity!

The « gorg » Amanda Bisk / Photo: Cibele Maciet
Amanda Bisk’s yoga class / Photo: Cibele Maciet

As for the beauty releases, they are those here:

– Aquapower  – Oligo Thermal Care – (It hits the stores in August in Brazil)
– T-Pur (It hits the stores in August in Brazil)
– Day Control – Shower Gel (It hits the stores in May in Brazil)

– Aquasource Everplump – Plumping Smoothing Moistuzing treatment (It hits the stores in October in Brazil)
– Total Renew Oil Biosource – Self Foaming Oil
– Best Skin Wonder Mud – Night Skin Mask

Wonder Mud Mask / Photo: Cibele Maciet
Aquasource Evermplump <3 / Photo: Cibele Maciet
Aquasource Evermplump

– Aqua-gelée – Ultra Fresh Body Replenisher (It hits the stores in October in Brazil)
– Wet or Dry Skin – Suncare
– Super Bust (It hits the stores in July)
– Eau Soleil
What I liked most of all of them was the Aquasource Evermplump, a moisturizer that promise to turn lines pushed away in one week!  The formula has smoothing and plumping properties and it smells really good 🙂 The Wonder Mud Mask is also interesting because it is made of clay that is found in Morocco, it has a delicious appearance and texture.

Demonstration of Biotherm products / Photo: Cibele Maciet
Demonstration of Biotherm products / Photo: Cibele Maciet
Biotherm's laboratory / Photo: Cibele Maciet
Biotherm’s laboratory / Photo: Cibele Maciet

Btw, I talked also to Elisa Simonpietri, the Biotherm Scientific Director, and the conversation was very enlightening to me. Owner of a flawless skin, she explained some interesting concepts of aesthetics and beauty as it follows:
Is Biotherm engaged as a natural green brand?

What we try to do is to be as natural as possible with all that technology and science can do for us. I mean we use prime ingredients and they can be synthetic or natural. A synthetic ingredient is not necessarily bad for the skin, and a natural ingredient can be very harmful to the skin. But what really mattersto us is that they are good and effective. We believe in the power of marine ingredients, and do research to discover new formulas, increasingly powerful in terms of anti aging, hydration, protection and beauty. But we are not organic, we do not have this proposal.

Biotherm did a study four years ago, that found that we can convert up to 80% of the signs of aging caused by the environment. How does it work?

Since these signs of aging caused by the environment are installed on the skin, we can work them up to 80% with our products. For example, UVA impacts, tobacco, pollution on the skin can be improved a lot. But we can not work the signs of chronological age, unfortunately, this is part of nature and we can not change.
What is the secret for a well-groomed skin?

I think the key is cleaning with a suitable product (and not as in the time of our mothers, who used ordinary soap on the face, after all, things have changed!), serum, a good cream and sunscreen. The cream for the area of ​​the eyes is not mandatory, but if a woman has time and desire, she should use it, because after all, the first signs of aging appear around the eyes. But what is truly essential is cleansing and sun protection. Another thing: if a 25 year old woman wants to use an anti age cream, it is not forbidden, is fully released, the most important is hydration and care.


Go to: www.biotherm.fr