La Réserve: a chic five-star address near Champs Elysées

I’ve been visiting a charming five star-hotel recently opened near Champs Elysées, La Réserve. As always, palace hotels in Paris are like being home: you have this comfy situation as you were in underwear and socks under the blankets chez toi but with the difference you are surrounded by a free-bar, a grand piano in your room  and the Tour Eiffel just at the window. Pas mal!

The triumphal entry! / Photo: Cibele Maciet

Starting with the rooms, where we can find as I said before, a grand piano, bright colors, a big screen TV (which you make it go out only if you want, otherwise it is hidden in a furniture), one of the most cosy bathroom I’ve ever seen before and a free-bar (yes, it exists!).

I wish I could live there/ Photo: Cibele Maciet



Love the yellow light / Photo: Cibele Maciet
This a is free-bar, based on the honesty of the client / Photo: Cibele Maciet

IMG_7587  IMG_7586
IMG_7594  IMG_7564

Then we have, in the ground floor, this absolutely fabulous green leisure/reading/ library room with charming fashion, architecture and déco books in five languages, which is just fantastic!

And to complete, a free-bar, based on the honesty of the clients who can write down in a notebook what they have consumed (or not, it is up to you). The sofa is dressed with green velvet tissue, just a chic way to say « sit down and have a good moment with your fave book and your diner plate if you wish (that can be a entrecôte with sauce béarnaise) ». And point.


IMG_7599  IMG_7604

And to finish, I’ve tried the spa and a vigorous facial massage with Nescens products, a renew treatment with  to mature skin (not that I need that, ok?). Just fantastic, Astrid Mifsud, my beautician, was efficient and  good talker, my skin was like velvet just after the treatment.

P.S. I was in love with my kimono, just a fashion-like!

Spa situation /Photo: Cibele Maciet



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